the True Cross

Relic of the True Cross

"let not your faith shrink because the eyes of the body behold evidence so small; let it look with the inner eye on the whole power of the cross in this tiny segment": grains of raw rice is pictured to compare with the size of the Splinter of wood; of the ' True Cross ' relic of Jesus

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the Miraculous True Cross Relic
:Relic of the True Cross of Christ
from Pontificate of Clement XI
Photo(s) used by permission, Fr.K.
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Passion of Christ: Relic 'Station' Cross from Jerusalem 2014

Sacrosanctae Basilicae Principis Apostolorum
de Urbe Canonicus (Latin)

Universis praesentes litteras inspecturis fidem facio, ac testor me Imaginem Vultus Domini Nostri Jesu Christi ad instar Sanctissimi Sudarii Veronicae in tela albi coloris impressam altitudinis unc____ latitudinis unc____ reverenter applicasse eidem Sudario, nec non Ligno vivificae Crucis et Lanceae Dominicae cuspidi, quae in praedicta nostra Basilica religiosissime osservantur, ac pluribus Summorum Pontificum Diplomatibus maximaque populorum veneratione celebrantur. In quorum fidem praedictae Imaginem et has praesentes litteras meo sigillo obsignari et subscripsi datam ex aedibus meis Die 23 Feb.(1889), Anno Domini MDCCCLXXXVIIII Indictione Pontificatus SS. D. N. Leonis XIII


Holy Basilica Prince of the Apostles of the City of the Canon

To all who shall see this present Constitution faith I do that, and I call to witness the image of me Countenance of the Lord of Our Most Holy Lord Jesus Christ in the manner of a napkin in a web Veronica white printed high inches wide____ inches length____ respectfully reverence to the same cloth, and it is the Wood Cross of Life and of the Lance Spear Tip (touched), which predicted in our religiously observant Basilica, and several Supreme Pontiffs diplomas largest peoples venerated. in a statue and sealed with the seal of the above-mentioned their faith, these present letters in my and the Offices of my subscribed On this day of the date of Feb 23.(1889), in the year of the Lord

~ 1889 ~

Indiction Pontificate SS. D. N. Leo 13

the Miraculous True Cross Relic and

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (stock photo-above)

founder of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

(beneath with the True Cross)

Postcard touched with 

the Crown of Thorns; of the Passion of Christ; 

Paris, France 2014

Cathedrale Norte-Dame De Paris < press

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